Permanent Bracelet is a radiant, 14k gold seamless, no clasp, stunner crafted by our Blumz jewelers, snugly tailored to your wrist without a hitch. Get creative and personalize it with your favorite charms, initials, and diamonds — it's all about you!

Swing by for a zap of excitement—no appointment needed!

Spark Your Style!

Get pumped to zap up your week with BLUMZ! Swing by anytime as walk-ins, or book an appointment for your special treatment! Round up your crew for the ultimate friendship bracelet and let's make magic happen together!


All styles come in 10K or 14K yellow solid gold, select chains are also
available in rose gold, white gold, gold-filled and sterling silver!

(Charms or links can be added.)

Pair it with


Introducing the ultimate Friendship Bundle — our classic Permanent Jewelry! Gift the experience with a custom amount gift card! Redeemable at the time of zapping your unforgettable moment.

Mix, Match, and Stack with Ease!

Layer up with our sustainable 14k or 18K solid gold chains, blingy diamond tennis bracelets, and trendy bangles!


Zapping involves the precise custom fitting and welding of a luxurious solid gold bracelet directly onto your wrist. With this technique, your permanent bracelet is seamlessly tailored to your wrist, no clasp needed, and ensuring minimal maintenance. While they are crafted to be permanent fixtures, they can be removed simply yet permanently using scissors, allowing for versatility and ease.

The term 'ZAP' captures the mesmerizing flash that accompanies the process of welding onto your wrist. At Blumz, we believe in creating moments of joy, and Zapping is just one way we do that. Let your Permanent Bracelet shine bright.

You can book an appointment in our stores right here!

We are also available for private events both on and off site. Tell us more about your event by email at info@theblumz.com

We encourage appointments but walk-ins are always welcome. Please note there may be a short wait time. Please book separate appointments for parties of 2 or more. Book here!

Not at all! Despite the flash, getting zapped does not mean physically zapped :)  Experience the magic of Zapping with Blumz today.

Nope! Although all purchases must be made in-store, we encourage you to browse our website for your preferred chain and design options.

We also recommend buying a gift card in the amount you'd like to give!

  • Welding is subject to sales tax. Styles are subject to availability, but we usually have good stock!
  • All Blumz bracelets come in multiple sizes for the perfect fit!

Yes! If you need to remove the bracelet for any reason, we recommend carefully cutting it (ideally at the jumpring that connects the two ends of the chain, to maintain the integrity of the chain) with scissors, and if you wish to get it welded back on at a later date we can certainly do that with free of charge!

Nope! Generally, delicate jewelry never needs to be removed when going through airport security.

At Blumz, we offer a diverse selection of premium materials to elevate your jewelry experience. Our collection includes 10k or 14k solid gold, known for its enduring beauty and timeless appeal. For those seeking a contemporary aesthetic, we offer white gold, which exudes a sleek and modern charm. Additionally, our range features gold filled pieces and sterling silver options. Whatever your preference, each material is carefully crafted to ensure lasting quality and unmatched beauty in every piece.

Yes! We're delighted to offer permanent anklets and necklaces as well.

Yes! Our menu of signature Charms & links can be added to any welded bracelet. More options to come!

You have to be 8 years old to get a Permanent Bracelet. Everyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.