Quetzalli Jewelry


      Quetzalli is a Nahuatl word meaning 'beautiful'. This is what the brand strives for, to create beautiful jewelry that is carefully crafted. Everything from Quetzalli Jewelry is made as a unique piece. They do not mass produce and they do not plan to do it. Quetzalli's wish is for you to feel that everything here, is made by caring hands. 

      Quetzalli is queer, POC, and female owned. Ana Paula, the owner and founder highlights that:

      "Being Queer, Female and POC Quetzalli is an extension of who I am and wish through Quetzalli, not only to express my deep love of beauty and creation, but to make space for other BIPOC and POC everywhere."

      The brand believes that quality comes with responsibility. For this they are proud to use recycled gold to reduce harm done through industry mining. All of their recycled gold goes through processes to restore it to its original 24k nature. 

      Quetzalli Jewelry only uses natural gemstones and conflict free diamonds. They love the feeling of natural stones, their energy, and colors, and signifies the importance of bringing you quality in jewelry without setting aside their core values.

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