Kismet By Milka


      Founder Milka Karaagacli, inspired by her Turkish background, uses precious metal and diamonds to create pieces for every one. Her pieces are dainty, timeless, with a bit of edginess.

      Inspired by her grandfather who was in the jewelry industry, her creativity broke free after working 14 years in marketing. She began creating jewelry purely out of passion and with passion came high-quality beautiful pieces that were later worn by celebrities such as Beyonce, Bella Hadid, and Madonna. Many of her collections are inspired by women and promote empowerment and strength. The imagery used in her pieces work as signifiers of these inspirations such as, arrows, third eye and feathers.

      Simplicity is done in a cool and timeless way with Kismet. Her signature is asymmetrical earrings - the line sells several mono-earrings so that mixing and matching is encouraged for a unique and personalized ear-stack for each and every person.

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