Piercing FAQ

1 Lobe Piercing - $30

1 Conch Piercing- $40

1 Contra Conch Piercing - $40

1 Helix Piercing - $40

1 Forward Helix Piercing - $50

1 Flat Piercing - $40

1 Rook Piercing - $50

1 Daith Piercing - $50

1 Tragus Piercing - $50

1 AntiTragus Piercing - $50

1 Industrial Piercing - $80

1 Nostril Piercing - $30

1 Nipple Piercing - $50

1 Navel Piercing - $50

1 Oral Piercing - $50

1 Dermal Piercing - $60

No, all jewelry must be purchased separately from the piercing service fee.

Unfortunately, no. We cannot guarantee the quality of the metals used for jewelry purchased outside of our studio. If you previously purchased piercing jewelry from us, you will need to drop it off 24 hours before your appointment so we can properly clean, reprocess the piece and sterilize it safely for you so it is ready in time for your scheduled appointment. 

Numbing cream only effects the first few layers of skin and will not penetrate deep enough to prevent you from feeling the process. Because it constricts the tissue in your ear, it lead to a crooked piercing. When numbed, we cannot guarantee the quality or placement of the piercing due to the distorted tissue. Unfortunately we would not perform the piercing if you come with number cream applied.

Unfortunately we cannot perform a piercing if you're pregnant or actively breastfeeding.

We recommend getting pierced about 3 months after you are done breastfeeding.

For more information, please contact us at info@theblumz.com prior to booking your appointment.

We recommend waiting at least 3 weeks before swimming or soaking your piercing.

Downsizing is the process of replacing the initial backing you were pierced with (as it usually has excess length to compensate for swelling), with one that is more fitted to your ear. This prevents movement and helps in the healing process. While not all piercings may require it, it can be beneficial to prevent snagging and discomfort from the longer post. Placements like flat or helix piercings, should be downsized in 4-6 weeks to be sure the piercing angle does not shift. Once your piercing has shifted angles it is very difficult, if not impossible, for it to straighten back out and usually requires removal of the piercing. Oral piercings also require downsizing to prevent tooth and gum damage.

Titanium posts are $15 each and gold varies between $60 to $90 each depending on the brand used.

We only pierce with a single use hollow needle which is the safest way.

Pain is subjective, but a piercing usually feels more like a pressure rather than pain. Many people describe it as a sting that quickly subsides.

Usually we recommend anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks from your piercing appointment. However, we recommend a consultation before doing so.

All depending on the piercing and anatomy, please check Piercing Studs and Piercing Hoops to make sure you find something you love.

We use titanium implant grade or solid gold.

We pierce anyone from 6 months old and up. For more information on infant piercings, please contact us at info@theblumz.com

Lobes without parental consent can be done from 16+

Any other piercings under 18, will have to have both parents present at the time of the appointment.

Nose and navel piercings are 16+ with parental conset.

We do not do any facial piercings, dermal or nipples for people under 18 years of age.

A government issued ID must be presented at the time of your appointment.

Please avoid pain killers before appointments to limit excessive bleeding.

Please visit our Aftercare Page and if you have any further questions contact us at info@theblumz.com

Jewelry Faq

Our stock updates on a daily/weekly basis, so please check a the later day. If you have an urgency, please contact us at info@theblumz.com

Yes, we do custom orders all the time. Please contact us at info@theblumz.com

Unless specified as 'Pair' in the quantity section, we only sell jewelry individually.

Everything in the studio is solid gold. We make sure you get the best quality :)