Permanent Bracelets & Anklets

Self expression can be flaunted in many different ways, from our fashion statements, to our piercings. Now, there is a new way: permanent bracelets.

This new wave of spontaneity is great way to stand apart from the crowd along with our significant others, best friends or even other family members.

Our delicate and handpicked designs can be a great addition to your wrist and can be easily incorporated with any fashion styles.

The welded bracelets, while “permanent” are also great for those who tend to lose their jewelry and are much easier to be removed, also a lot less painful, than their older siblings, the tattoo.


How does it work?

This 100% painless procedure is done very quickly with our state of the art laser welding machine.

You first must pick the style of the links in either yellow or white gold. Once that is done, you can choose amongst one or all add-on charms or birthstones.

Just like their grandfather, the iconic Cartier love bracelets, these won’t tarnish, change the color of your skin or even lose their gleam.

Just remember: This extension of your new second skin pieces require one of our expert welder and you shouldn’t try this at home.

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