Rey FJ

      Lynne McEachern and Trisha Emerson met in 2015 and instantly bonded over a love of fashion sneakers, travel, twin-parenthood, entrepreneurship and shiny things.

      Having founded and run their own successful businesses, they had a desire to work on a meaningful new venture. They saw an exciting opportunity to combine their collective creative expertise: the story-telling business of film/tv and the digital experience of e-commerce.

      Applying this unique combination to the fine jewelry world, they created a forward-thinking brand that would inspire women to make a promise to themselves. A promise to listen to their inner voice, live their core values and shine their best selves. In essence, define and live their legacy.

      With a little magic and a lot of hard work, Trisha and Lynne are living their legacy, hoping to inspire women to do the same.
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